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Quality Management - ISO:9001-2015

Security Screened and Vetted to BS7858 (British Standard)

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SIA Top-up Training (Upskills) from April 2021 and for current licence holders from October 2021

Response Vehicles



Frontline Operations & Personnel Ltd are more than just a Security and Investigations Company. We are your Business Protection solution based in Liverpool, Merseyside.

You only need to look at our Company name and this tells you a lot about us.

Look at other protective businesses and security suppliers that have no meaning and no thought has gone into their business name.

Our name tells you that we plan and have a strategy to fulfil our obligations to customers, we have a good business model, highly experienced and qualified Management and an excellent proactive work ethic.

Our Management hold Accreditation for the Police Force in England and Wales, Teaching and NVQ Assessor Qualifications to deliver SIA training to Security Officers, CCTV Operators and Door Supervisors aswell as Conflict Management, Physical Intervention, Terrorism Awareness, Professional Investigations Awards and Counselling Skills.

We will let Customers decide whether Our credentials are more advanced to provide you with a greater quality of Security Services than your current manned guarding or door staff supplier. 

We supply Security Services, Private Investigators, Process Servers and SIA Training in Liverpool, Merseyside, the North West Region and UK

Intelligence Strategy

Mobile Response Officers

Some of Our Blue-chip Customers don't require 24 hour manned security services and instead they ask us to deploy Response Officers to visit various premises and also to investigate intruder alarm activation's. 

Our Mobile patrols will detain persons in Our custody under Section 9 Theft Act 1968 who is in the act of committing crime at any of Our Clients private premises, we will then transfer custody to the police.

This option also helps Clients to cut costs by not having a security officer on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for example you may only require an SIA licensed security officer for 8 hours, then have mobile visits during the night.

CCTV Monitoring and Responding to Incidents / Alarm Activation's

When a manned guarding presence is not needed, we can remotely monitor your premises from our control room via CCTV and if any trespassing occurrence should happen, the duty controller will deploy our Mobile Response Officers to Investigate and secure your property.

Our surveillance systems can even be used in retail stores and alert you with the facial recognition technology should a banned shoplifter attempt to return to your premises.

Door Supervision at Bars and Night Clubs

Some of Our Operatives are first aid trained to preserving life and they are trained in protecting people, protecting property and preventing crime or financial loss for Our Customers. Our Door Supervisors are deployed to police the city bars and nightclubs and have a duty to screen the suitability of customers entering the licensed premises, they are also an authority figure and first point of contact in an emergency situation including violent acts of physical and verbal assault aswell as other criminal offences as defined by the Public Order Act 1986 legislation.

Our Door Supervisors are also trained and qualified in Terrorism Awareness and Physical Intervention which deals with the control and restraint of an offender if a situation becomes violent or aggressive and most importantly they are qualified in Conflict Management and know how to defuse a situation or calm an aggressor to help prevent the escalation of violence.... If all else fails they have the legal power and authority to physically eject an individual from the licensed venue using minimum force as is necessary in the circumstances. This means if a drunk and disorderly individual becomes aggressive and physically violent towards them, Our Door Supervisors can use the same force as the subject is using against them in order to control the situation and to prevent harm from coming to themselves or the public and because we have a duty of care, we will also ensure the welfare of the violent subject.

We deploy a greater calibre of SIA licensed personnel to Our Clients because we put Ourselves in your position and make assessments to enable us to provide you with the right candidate for your operational requirements. 

We are running SIA Top Up training for security officers and door supervisors for upskilling your approach within the security industry and to ensure CPD continuous professional development. As part of the new strategy to develop a higher level of competence within the security operative role, we now train operatives in first aid, counter terrorism, conflict management and physical intervention.


Private Detective / Process Server

Local Authorities, Solicitors and Housing Associations use Our services when they require a process server or private detective.

We are not only One of the most professional Security Companies in Liverpool, but we strongly believe we are Number 1 in the UK. 

We are better trained and qualified than any other security company, we are more professional, customer focused and we deliver Our promise to Clients / Customers.

Please visit Our Services page for a better understanding of what we offer HERE: OUR SERVICES
We also deploy Qualified Detectives for private intelligence gathering assignments HERE: PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR
and Deliver SIA Qualifications and much more HERE: TRAINING We also accept client instructions to process serve your documents.
Bodyguard Door Supervisors and Security Guard

What makes us better than other security service providers?

 At Frontline Operations & Personnel Ltd, we have fully accredited Internal Quality Assurance employees and this is something you don't get from other security suppliers. Other security companies use a third party to carry out any QA requirement's on an Ad-Hoc basis and some don't even have any QA systems at all. At Frontline Operations we believe in the importance of always having an Internal QA. It is our opinion that a security company should never be awarded a contract without a fully qualified IQA because it shows customers that we provide them with quality, professionalism and we have a process to establish customer satisfaction. Customers should choose a security supplier with IQA systems because we actually care about clients / customers specific needs.

Did you know? .... Some of the big players who provide security services only win contracts through bribery and because they have funny handshakes !! At Frontline Operations we have morals, values and ethics and we offer a genuine service because we care about Our business relationships. If you would prefer a security supplier that is part of the funny handshake community, we are sorry that we will not be able to assist with your business needs. We are totally against corruption and we strongly believe in fairness. 

We have over 18 years experience in providing Security Services and we only recruit an advanced calibre of security professional.

We are passionate about the protection of people and the prevention of crime and financial loss to our clients. 

We will be attending the next event in Counter-Terrorism Training by Merseyside Police and the SIA and we have also  been trained in the PREVENT program to be able to identify potential extremism and the importance of our learners adopting British Values.

We care about the community, environment and vulnerable people who need support.

We have a great relationship with Clients because of Our approach in being genuine, honest and customer focused.

Where other Companies make their employees donate to Charities and then take all the credit without ever spending a penny of the business profits. Frontline Operations are proud to help vulnerable individuals and we do not use Our employees earnings, we use Company money to help support people when we can.

Whilst we do comply with Equality Act 2010 legislation, we will only accept Non-UK citizen applications that have a Home Office approved qualification in English or they can demonstrate to us that they can speak fluently and write in the english language. 

It is a mandatory requirement of Frontline Operations & Personnel that individuals can communicate both in verbal and written english. Our Customers need to feel safe and assured that their security operatives will be able to communicate in an emergency or evacuation situation and not be responsible for putting lives at risk. Assessments will be carried out and we will adapt for the needs of individuals with an invisible or visible disability so they are not put at risk either. 

We will never attempt to influence your decision making process to win business, either you choose to use us, or you don't.

Frontline Operations do not promise customers the world, then become invisible once we have your assignment.

We will NEVER get involved in any form of collusive bidding scandal, nor will we accept bribery to secure business.

We know what customers require and we will always deliver to keep you satisfied with Our professionalism, so you will continue to use and recommend Frontline Operations & Personnel Ltd.  

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