Clients Testimonials


What have Business' previously said about our staff and their work ethic....? 

Dominique, California, USA.... These guys were professional and responsive. I appreciate the prompt communication at each step! Very reasonable rates as well.

Hayley, Widnes.... Thank you so much to Paul and Eddie. Paul's communication and customer service was fantastic, from talking me through the procedure to Eddie contacting me. Once Eddie was in contact nothing was too much trouble! He went out his way to make sure papers were served fast, effectively and with minimal fuss. Prices were also brilliant! Highly recommend all the staff at Frontline! I hope I never have to use you again but if I do, you guys will be the ones I turn to first! Thanks again

AE Facilities.... We use frontline operations on an ad-hoc subcontractor basis to cover holidays, sickness etc. We can honestly say that frontline operations have sent us suitably trained staff.

N Perkins.... Frontline Operations sent us a very polite and professional guard to look after our premises after recent burglaries in the Crosby area. We would certainly recommend their services.

N Roberts.... We required licensed door staff at the Shankly Hotel and Frontline Operations advised me on how best to keep the costs down. Both security professionals had done a very good job monitoring health & safety for the event.

Carters Solicitors.... "we would most certainly recommend and use your services in the future, Excellent service"

HMRC.... We are happy with Our security officer because he identified potential risks within Our government building car park, his ability to assess risks has never been shown before by other security companies we had used in the past.

A S.... Frontline helped me with a £10,000 council tax over-payment and proved the local authority was WRONG and I did not have to pay this back. It was reduced to under £2,000 .............. I would recommend there services!!

B Taylor.... I hadn't seen my half Brother for a long time and he had moved from his last address, I contacted Frontline who were excellent in tracking him down and reunited us.

Compass.... We for assistance in an Investigation of employees on sick leave and receiving Company sick pay. The investigator produced evidence that proved his GP sick note was not accurate and this led to the dismissal of staff for fraud.

JConnells.... Edward Mather Managed the Security for Our business at short notice, they sent us 3 licensed security staff to enforce Health & Safety at our premises. We will be using them again.

T Daley, Golden Square.... Director of Frontline Operations informed us that Our assignment instructions were not legal and they have since been updated, thanks to Frontline Operations' Director for helping us prevent liability.

Anonymous.... Frontline just won my case against ****censored**** who tried to make me pay back an alleged £10,000 overpayment. Frontline provided evidence that ****censored**** were wrong and the case was shut down. I received a £2750 back dated payment.

C Sainsbury.... Edward Mather had given us expert advice and as a Security Consultant he identified several compliance issues at Our stores and distribution warehouse. Edward Mather who represents Frontline Operations is very good at what they do and even found problems that Our SHE Health & Safety Manager had missed.

P Keller, CPUK.... We would like to thank Edward Mather for identifying failures at Our premises and we are grateful that they have protected us from potential liability issues.

K Godding, Mtravel.... Edward Mather took Our infrastructure test in 2008 and we were pleased to tell him that he was the only individual to ever receive 100% for Our operational requirements. Even Our own infrastructure employees have never managed this pass mark.

C12.... We were sent an excellent guard who is now the Director of Frontline Operations and he had to deal with a violent situation. We could tell that he had an authority background by the way he behaved professionally in trying to calm the situation, but eventually he had to physically restrain the offender. The guards behaviour was very much like a police officer in that he remained in control of the situation.

N Coll, Tesco.... In 2007, Edward Mather was sent to look after our store, he was a very good security guard who shown excellent observation skills, arrested shoplifters and prevented loss at Our Liverpool stores. We even decided to use him to work covertly during the Christmas period when we had been tipped-off the store was going to be burgled by a group of males after closing.

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