Preserving Life, Preventing Crime, Preventing Financial Loss and Protecting Staff and Property

Our Managing Director has previously supported the Charities "Sense" who help to support deaf and blind people 
and "Cash4Kids" for Children living in poverty.

As a Company we are now looking at helping genuine charities that are independent from government and do not pay their CEO hundreds of thousands of pounds from donated funds.

We use Community Interest Companies (CIC) to supply Frontline Operations and we choose them because they care about social good for local communities.

We also support unemployed individuals through funded agencies by teaching them first aid and security competence skills to help them find employment. We give discounts to companies who are supporting people to try and give them a better quality of life. Once they get their qualifications from us, Our clients support them to get a job and this is supportive of their mental health and it gives them a boost in confidence when they gain employment and feel valued. We identify and teach good people who are deserving of a chance to progress to their full potential.

Our Customers / Clients are supporting these Charities without even knowing it, just by using Frontline Operations & Personnel Ltd, you are doing your bit to help vulnerable individuals.

Other Companies make their employees donate to Charity, then they take all the credit without ever spending a penny of the Company profits. Frontline Operations do things differently because we care.

Not only do we use business funds, we also raise funds externally to support Our chosen Charities.

We will publish Our donations on this page at the end of the financial year.

We are currently supporting the following charities:

You may prefer to make your own personal donation to One of these Charities and you can use the links below, this will direct you straight to your choice of Charity.






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