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Level 3PIP1 Accredited - Priority and Volume Crime Investigators (Police / Crime)

Level 3 Accredited Professional Investigator (Private Detectives / Civil)

Covert Investigators
Our Casework / Intelligence Agents are Members of (WAPI) The World Association of Professional Investigators / Detectives WWW.WAPI.ORG

Our Private Detectives are Qualified and Accredited with a Level 3 Award for Private Investigators.



Our Casework Intelligence Agent's will personally serve your legal documents to individuals being summoned to Court etc

Local Authorities, Family Courts, Solicitors, Housing Associations, Private Individuals etc usually require this service to prevent a subject from claiming he / she hadn't received a letter / document. We now wear body cameras which can also provide evidence of the individual receiving your documents or refusing to accept them, this evidence can be produced if we are instructed to act on your behalf and in compliance with data protection legislation.

We will not charge you for unsuccessful attempts like other Investigation Agencies do, by this we mean knocking at the property and not getting a response. We will make 3 attempts before we refer back to the Client. 

After 3 failed attempts of a personal service, some Clients instruct us to conduct a letterbox service instead with photo / video evidence and a document report on behalf of the Courts. This is usually for subjects who may be home, but avoid answering the door.

Were an individual refuses to accept your document, we will ensure he / she is present when we place the document on their property and verbally inform him / her that they have been served.


*We will not be beaten on price and yet we can still do better - The more process serves you require in a Calendar Month will earn you further DISCOUNT'S


Many Legal Separations / Divorces fail to go through the Courts due to a lack of evidence.

One party of the marriage cannot simply make allegations against his / her partner without evidence. This is called "Hearsay" which will not be accepted as evidence to secure your divorce settlement in Court.

Even if your not married and you would like proof of your suspicions that your partner may be unfaithful, you can contact us.

All we request is a small initial deposit to take on your case, you will not have to pay another penny until we have your evidence and documentation.

You can contact us for a quote of your end of case fee and you will pay your deposit prior to us commencing your operation.

(The £50.00 initial deposit is non-refundable due to the costs of setting up your Operation and it will be used as part of your case fee)



Frontline Investigators cannot guarantee to find all missing persons, but we do have a high success rate.

You (The Client) accept the following Terms & Conditions when you pay the Initial £50.00 to open a case with an Investigator and submit the "Missing Person Enquiry" form . The £50.00 is non-refundable as it is the cost which allows us to open your case.

You (The Client) MUST also complete a document confirming that you are not looking for an individual to cause them any harm.

Our Investigators will do there best to locate your missing person and you (The Client) will pay the additional costs at the end of the Investigation, which will enable us to close the case.

Once we receive your Enquiry, we will visit you or meet in a public place such as a café or anywhere you prefer, you will complete a form and your Detective can proceed to gather your intelligence.

Your information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you are abusing Our services to break the law, in which case Merseyside Police will become involved.

When or if we locate the subject, we will make them aware you are looking for them as part of our risk assessment.

We have to carry out a risk assessment to make sure there is no previous history of violence between you (The Client) and the subject (Missing Person).

If the subject does not want us to inform you of there whereabouts, you must respect there decision. No additional fee will be charged in this case.

If the subject has a fear of you causing them harm or injury, we will not disclose the subjects location as we could be held accountable and liable for providing you with such intelligence. 

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