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*Some names and images have to be censored or removed due to the nature of Our Investigations and external Military operations

Will M

Operations Director,Training Instructor & IQA

Will began working in security operations in 2002 in various sectors of the industry.

Security, safety and protection are his specialism areas. Will began working as a static security operative in 2002 and eventually decided to move into retail loss prevention at St. Johns Shopping Centre. After this he was trained as a Control Room Officer monitoring CCTV for Merseyside Police and looking after the welfare of all the companies security officers. Will wanted to progress in other areas of security and worked as a football steward at Manchester City Football Club and York City FC before completing his training in 2005 and started working as a Door Supervisor at Liverpool City bars and nightclubs for over 17 years and he was promoted as a Control Room Manager with another company. Will was assigned duties at many concerts and events looking after Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Daniel Bedingfield, Franz Ferdinand etc. Will and Ronan achieved several qualifications and awards, then decided to setup Frontline Operations in 2015   to deliver their expertise to newly recruited SIA personnel. Will has successfully managed and trained individuals on behalf of the British Government and supported unemployed learners to obtain employment. He has also received amazing feedback from Clients and learners who tell him how much they enjoy his training delivery and that they feel good about themselves when they achieve Our qualifications. Will loves to hear these types of comments from learners because it gives him job satisfaction in knowing he is making a huge difference with positive outcomes for the security and protection industry. Will understands the importance of ensuring Our learners achieve their qualifications themselves because it demonstrates competence and his learners might one day prevent a terror attack, save lives or assist vulnerable people and offer support to prevent emotional trauma. Will has a sense of pride knowing that he has trained them to be the best version of themselves to ensure that they always apply morals, values and ethics in their personal and work lives and to care and show empathy for others. Will doesn't only teach his learners the basic SIA course, but he includes caselaw and police knowledge. People who only care about themselves have what is called a "Self Meta Tag" in their brain and they can have selfish thought processes, but Will believes we should all have a "Self and Others Meta Tag" and not always put Our needs and wants before others.

Will has Qualifications and Accreditation as a Police Officer within England and Wales. He was contacted by Merseyside Police to be recruited after his successful application, but he decided that he would be more valuable to help people progress in life  by teaching them new skills.

He is also a Qualified and experienced Professional Investigator helping to trace missing people, placing subjects under surveillance and conducting process serve duties on behalf of Solicitors, Councils, Housing Association's and Individuals etc.

With Will's knowledge and expertise he made the decision to further progress and studied to pass his qualifications as a College Teacher and NVQ Assessor . Having these skills, knowledge and qualities makes him an asset to Frontline Operations because he delivers and quality assures SIA training to door staff,  security guards, cctv operators, fire wardens and first aiders. 

Will's learning doesn't stop here because he has achieved the Level 4 Quality Assurance Practitioner qualification and he believes in the importance of providing quality to customers. He also believes in keeping the Management Team's (CPD) continuous professional development up to date, relevant and current. Will has other relevant qualifications in the Level 3 Delivery in Conflict Management and Level 3 Deliverer of Physical Intervention for self-defence  and break-away techniques.

Will is currently studying as an NLP Practitioner, then intends to carry on his studies as an NLP Master Practitioner to offer therapy treatment within the Complementary Medical Association.

Will has a Diploma in Criminology and he also studied Law in 2013 where he visited the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium as part of his studies because they have created UK legislation since the 1972 

The European Communities Act, passed by Parliament in 1972, accepted the supremacy of EU law. As of 2024, this has now changed.


Ronan S

Intelligence Operative / Trainer / Security Consultant

Ronan has worked in Security Operations for many years and he competes in MMA tournaments around the world. Ronan and Will met in 2005 when they both worked together as doormen on the bars and nightclubs in Liverpool City Centre. 

Ronan works for Frontline Operations as a Trainer and Security Consultant .

Ronan has a background in security, but he is also an experienced teacher of young children. He is a qualified College Teacher for over 16's and has several years experience in delivering accredited First Aid qualifications.

He believes that the recruitment of professional and well-disciplined officers will improve the security industry. He is very good at making assessments of potential recruits and we only employ a greater calibre with an advanced level of competence.


Andrew ******** (despatches, MiD)

Counter Terrorism Trainer / Consultant 

Andrew is a serving Military Sergeant with many years in the British Armed Forces.

Andrew has a background in gathering intelligence and strategy planning and understands the importance of evaluating information and adopting a contingency plan, especially when it comes to safety, or in his case the threat to life.

Andrew has done 5 tours in Afghanistan and trained around the world in all climates. Andrew received a Mention in despatches medal for his bravery on tour when he saved the lives of his troops.

His regiment keeps the UK safer from potential terrorist threats. He is a qualified Tactical Instructor who manages his team of soldiers, but he also supports us at Frontline Operations and his knowledge, skills and experience is transferable within security, safety and identifying dynamic and generic risks.

What Andrew brings to Frontline Operations is discipline and he can identify the type of security officer Our customers appreciate because they are proactive and adopt an excellent work ethic.

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